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If you’re looking for the cheapest skip hire in Birmingham, look no further than Pronto Skip Hire.

Historic, ancient, kind of smelly –  but enough about the rubbish you need to dispose of, we’re here to talk about Birmingham! As the second city of the UK, it is the centre of commercial and industrial innovation in England. Over a million people live and work in Birmingham and you can imagine how much refuse they generate.

We offer the most comprehensive skip hire prices in Birmingham. After you enter your postcode, our lightning fast online search system will find the best prices for skip hire in your area. There are many types of skip to choose from, and we show the most popular by default, giving you a good idea of the cost at a glance.

Rock Bottom Prices - Discover the Cheapest Skip Hire in Birmingham

Pronto Skip Hire Birmingham is committed to giving you the best prices no matter which skip you need. Through our innovative pricing system we constantly check local prices to ensure that finding the best skip hire prices in Birmingham is hassle-free.

Cheap skip hire in Birmingham is at your fingertips. Once you’ve found the skip you need, simply continue with the online booking service. Alternatively, give us a ring for a more personal touch, let us know the time and date you need your skip, arrange payment, sort out any permits you might need (which will be included in your quote) then sit back and wait for it to arrive, it’s as easy as that.

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Domestic Skip Hire for Home and Garden

Birmingham is an industrial town, it is afterall the birthplace of the industrial revolution, but skips aren’t just for disposing of heavy duty industrial waste, although they are great for that as well! No, a skip is just as effective for domestic uses, with small skip hire in Birmingham just a few clicks away.

When it comes to waste disposal, there’s not much Pronto Skip Hire Birmingham can’t deal with. There is, of course, a list of prohibited items that we can’t dispose of but for all your domestic waste, including garden waste, kitchen and bathroom renovations or just a deep spring clean, we’ve made hiring a skip for your domestic waste needs easier than ever.

Cleaning up the Planet as well as your Attic

Waste is an unavoidable consequence of life. Every species on the planet produces waste in one way or another. With humans it’s slightly different, we can choose what to do with it when we’re ready to dispose of it.

For years, humans dumped refuse in landfills and the ocean without any care for the environment. It has become abundantly clear that this was a bad idea, and should have been discouraged decades ago. With modern attitudes comes modern views when it comes to waste, it is no longer acceptable to take rubbish and dispose of it wherever we feel.

At Pronto Skip Hire Birmingham, we guarantee that at least 95% of the contents of your skip will be recycled. As a registered Environmental Agency waste carrier we follow strict guidelines to ensure that your waste is responsibly dealt with.

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Whichever Skip you need, we’ll have it

All types of skip are available, from the most common sizes you’re likely to see for office and domestic clear outs, to huge Roll-on Roll-off skips fit for disposing of the largest industrial waste.

The reason we don’t advertise the larger skips when you search for prices by postcode is that for a skip larger than 12 yards we need to have a chat to determine the best price. This is because, at larger sizes, you need to start thinking about things like skip permits, and the type of waste being disposed of helps us to recommend the best skip for you.

Don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 01384 470 091 to get a personal quote today and discover the best skip hire Birmingham prices. We’re happy to accommodate any needs you might have if your waste disposal needs happen to be outside the ordinary.

Other options include a man with a van and skip bag hire for smaller jobs. If you need something in-between, mini skip hire in Birmingham is entirely possible and is a great option for room clear outs or refurbishments.

As for the most common skip sizes, we thought it would be best to show you the situations these skips would be best used for. We use the time-honoured and ancient measuring technique of ‘amount of washing machines that would fit in each skip’ to help you visualise exactly how big the skip is.

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4 yard skip hire in Birmingham - Single room refurbishment, DIY projects, garden waste

  •       Permitted for general household waste
  •       Perfect for garden landscaping and clearance
  •       Will fit on to most domestic driveways
  •       Approximately 8 washing machines or 45 bin bags

6 yard skip hire in Birmingham – Domestic renovation and garden landscaping, home/attic clear-outs

  •       Use to dispose of mud, clay, soil, and heavy waste
  •       Permitted for general household waste
  •       Light/heavy construction site refuse
  •       Approximately 12 washing machines or 65 bin bags

8 yard skip hire in Birmingham – Commercial office clear-outs, large domestic renovation projects

  •       Use for kitchen or bathroom renovations
  •       Permitted for general household waste
  •       Light/heavy construction refuse only
  •       Largest skip size permitted on UK public highways
  •       Approximately 16 washing machines or 80 bin bags

12 yard skip hire in Birmingham – Major construction works such as building sites, office & retail clear-outs

  •       Skips this size can only be placed on private land
  •       Permitted for general waste and light construction waste only
  •       Ideal for use in a full house clearance
  •       Approximately 24 washing machines or 120 bin bags

As you can see, there really is a skip for every situation. These four sizes will take care of most common waste disposal needs. There isn’t anything that you can’t put in a skip…. except for the following list of items that you can’t put in a skip.

Prohibited items

  •       Gas bottles & cylinders
  •       Batteries
  •       Asbestos
  •       Clinical Waste
  •       Paint tins
  •       Oils
  •       Petrol
  •       Diesel
  •       Aerosols
  •       Mastic tubes
  •       Food
  •       Food contaminated packaging
  •       More than one roll of carpet
  •       Tyres
  •       Fluorescent tubes
  •       Mattresses
  •       Fridges
  •       Electrical waste such as microwaves, TVs etc

These items are prohibited and strictly forbidden from being disposed of in a skip, even in Birmingham. We pride ourselves on our ability to recycle up to 95 percent of everything we collect but these items need specialist disposal methods so we cannot accept them under any circumstances. If any of the items on the list are discovered during collection, we will wait for you to remove the items before collection can commence.

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The Day Has Come - preparing for your skip delivery

Before you accept delivery of your skip, or even order it for that matter, it will be a good idea to consider the following to make sure you are all set and ready to use your skip efficiently.

Skip size – It might be obvious but please make sure that you have adequate room to store the skip you want to use. It is best not to choose a spot that’s in a narrow alley way or behind small gates.

Location of skip – This is quite important, determine if the skip is going to be placed on public or private land and if there is enough space for us to deliver your skip. If the skip is going to be placed on public land, you will need a permit for it, but don’t worry, when you ring us for a quote we’ll add in the price of the permit and take care of all the paperwork for you.

When you book – Let us know where you want your skip to be delivered, you can even send us a picture to show us where you want it when we come to deliver.

Selecting your delivery date – We can deliver skips 7 days a week, barring the obvious big bank holidays, there won’t ever be a date we can’t deliver on. You need to ensure that you are present for the skip when it is delivered. If you aren’t in when we come to deliver we won’t be able to drop the skip off at your chosen location.

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Time to Wave Goodbye to your Rubbish – skip collection

You’ve got the cheapest skip hire in Birmingham, you’ve filled your skip, and now, we will return for collection. You can keep your skip for up to two weeks unless you state otherwise when ordering and there are a few things to note before collection can take place.

Make sure you haven’t accidently included any of the items on the prohibited items list above. This isn’t just us being finicky, those items all require specialist disposal and we can’t be held responsible for them.

Do not overfill your skip. This is easy to do but equally easy to remedy. Each skip has a solid line running around its inner edge. This is the line we want you to fill your skip up to, don’t go past it.

And finally, please be present when your skip is going to be collected.

For cheap skip hire in Birmingham, Pronto Skip Hire has you covered. We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service and easy to use, hassle-free online ordering system. That’s not to say we can’t handle your skip needs that are a little outside the ordinary, give us a ring on 01384 470 091 today to discuss getting the best skip hire in Birmingham.

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