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Lincolnshire is a large ceremonial county in Eastern England and is the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton. At Pronto Skip we serve areas all across the UK, Lincoln’s mostly rural demography also being one of them. If you’re searching for skip hire in Lincoln, you may have questions such as: 

  • What are the skip hire prices in Lincoln? 
  • What different skip hire sizes are there?
  • What areas in Lincolnshire does Pronto Skip provide skips to? 

So let’s begin by answering some of these most popular questions.

Lincolnshire Skip Hire Prices

If you have a smaller amount of waste and are looking for a smaller skip, you can get great value for money with our affordable service. Here at Pronto Skip Hire we pride ourselves in offering the lowest prices – our competitive rates are unbeatable.

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Mini Skip Hire in Lincolnshire

Searching for small skip hire in Lincoln? We offer a variety of sizes for skips – a flexible range to suit your different needs.

The two main mini skip sizes are our two-yard and our four-yard skips. These smaller skips come with several advantages such as: 

  1. They require less space – making them easier and more convenient to use and access.

  2. They are cheaper – If you only have a small amount of waste to dispose of, why not hire a smaller and cheaper skip? 

  3. Because smaller skips will generally fit on your driveway – you won’t need to obtain a council permit to place your skip on a UK road

Our 2 yard mini skip

If you’re looking for mini skip hire in Lincoln this miniature skip may be perfect for you. These small skips are especially popular in the autumn if you’re looking for garden clearance from falling leaves. 

Its dimensions are: 5ft x 4ft x 4ft (Length x Width x Height) and the 2-yard skip can take approximately 25-35 bin bags. 

So if you only have a small amount of household or garden waste and are looking for the cheapest skip hire in Lincoln – this mini skip will be perfect.

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Our 4 Yard Midi Skip

One of our smallest and most popular sizes, this skip is convenient and cheap. 

Its dimensions are: 7ft x 5ft x 3ft (Length x Width x Height) and this midi skip can take approximately 45 bin bags. 

So if you have a smaller amount of waste, maybe you’re clearing garden waste or doing a clearout of your property – then try our Midi Skip.

Large Skip Hire in Lincolnshire

So now you know about the smaller sizes that we offer, if these options don’t suit you, you may be looking for something bigger. 

Our next main sizes are our 6-yard skip, our 8-yard skip, and our 12-yard skip. 

  1. Our 6-yard builders skip: Perfect if you have waste from a smaller construction or demolition project. Its dimensions are 10ft x 5ft x 4ft (Length x Width x Height) and the 6-yard builders skip can take approximately 65 bin bags. 

  2. Our 8-yard builders skip: this skip is the largest size permitted on UK public highways. Its dimensions are 12ft x 6ft x 4.5ft (Length x Width x Height) and can take approximately 80 bin bags. 

  3. Our 12-yard maxi skip: Due to this skip’s size it can only be placed on private lands and is not permitted on UK highways. Its dimensions are 13ft x 6ft x 6.5ft (Length x Width x Height) and it can take approximately 120 bin bags.
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Our Even Bigger Skips

If you are still looking for something bigger for your large skip hire in Lincoln then our industrial sizes may interest you. All our RoRo ( roll on roll off) skips are delivered by freight lorry due to their size (they are rolled on and off of them instead of being picked up). Our RoRo skips come in the following sizes:

  • A 20 yard skip  
  • A 30 yard skip 
  • A 35 yard skip
  • A 40 yard skip 

If you are searching for a different size or wondering about the Lincoln skip hire prices, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer service staff. We will be more than happy to help find a skip sorted to your waste disposal needs. If you have any questions no matter how big or small, just ask us.

Domestic Skip Hire in Grantham

Grantham is a market and industrial town of Lincolnshire with a fascinating history. 

Grantham saw Sir Isaac Newton educated at the King’s School. It was the workplace of the UK’s first warranted female police officer and was where the UK’s first running diesel engine was made! 

If you are an inhabitant of Grantham and are searching for skip hire, Pronto Skip has you covered. So if you are in the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire and are looking for skip hire we’re here for you. Whether you need to get rid of broken furniture or waste from renovating your house – we’ll be able to find a skip that suits you. If you are interested in learning our Grantham skip hire prices – just ask. We are always happy to hear from you and help answer any questions you have. Searching for skip hire in Lincoln has never been easier.

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What about other popular locations we serve?

Are you searching for skip hire in Lincolnshire for Boston? Boston has more than just a dramatic coastline and beautiful wildlife parks, it has a rich heritage and is often referred to as ‘the home of the pilgrim fathers’. This is because they sailed from The Haven in 1620 and settled in what is now known as Boston, Massachusetts.

If you are interested in skip hire in Boston and wondering about skip hire Boston prices – contact us. You might be a company operating in this historic market town, or simply want to clear away some pesky autumn leaves. If you are searching for skip hire in Lincolnshire, we can find a skip to suit your needs.

Skip Hire in Lincoln North Hykeham

If you are a inhabitant of this small and independent town, you may also be looking for skip hire in Lincolnshire. Although North Hykeham has less than 5000 homes, that doesn’t mean Pronto Skip Hire won’t be more than happy to deliver our skips to you. So if you are currently in the process of building an extension and have some reconstruction and demolition waste to remove, or are simply wanting to clear your garden, we can provide a skip to solve your problem! 

Other popular areas for skip hire in Lincolnshire include Skegness, Spalding and Gainsborough. So if you are searching for skip hire in Spalding or wondering what the Gainsborough skip hire prices are – don’t hesitate to ask. Our customer service team will be more than happy to answer your questions about skip hire spalding prices and what we offer for skip hire in Skegness. 

So now you know all about what our services offer for skip hire in Lincoln, ranging from our mini skips to large and roll on roll off skips, hopefully some of your big questions and concerns will have been answered. If there are any further queries you have, do not hesitate to use our customer support or contact us. We want to take care of your skip needs as well as possible.

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