What Can and Can’t Go in a Skip?

One of the essential aspects of waste management is understanding what you can and cannot discard in a skip. At Pronto Skip, we commit to simplifying waste disposal for you. Proper disposal not only helps to maintain environmental health, but also to ensure that we can manage, recycle and dispose of waste efficiently and effectively. So, what exactly can you put in a skip, and what items should you avoid? Let’s break it down for you.

Builder placing waste in a skip

What Can Go in a Skip:

General Household Waste

  • Furniture: You can dispose of items such as chairs, tables, and sofas. However, it would be best to ensure that you can’t reuse or donate them before disposal.
  • Appliances: You can place white goods like washing machines, dryers, and ovens in a skip, ensuring they are not operational or repairable.

Garden Waste

  • Green Waste: Grass clippings, leaves, and branches are acceptable. Ensure the waste is not contaminated with other types of refuse.
  • Wood: You can also include fencing, decking, and old timber.

Building and Renovation Waste

  • Bricks and Concrete: Both materials are recyclable, making them perfect for skips.
  • Tiles and Ceramics: Old bathroom tiles, broken ceramics, and similar materials are fine to throw away in a skip in most cases.


  • Aluminium and Steel: Items such as old pipes, gutters, and cables are suitable for skip disposal.

What Can’t Go in a Skip:

Hazardous Materials

  • Asbestos: Special procedures are required for the disposal of asbestos due to its hazardous nature.
  • Batteries: You will need to dispose of car batteries and other types of batteries at designated recycling centres.
  • Chemicals: Do not place paints, solvents, and other chemicals in skips due to their potential to cause harm.
  • Propane and Butane Bottles: Do not dispose of potentially explosive materials such as these in skips due to the risks associated with them.
  • Fire Extinguishers: These also require specific disposal methods.

Electrical Items and Electronics

  • TVs and Monitors: These items often contain materials that require special disposal procedures.
  • Refrigerators and Freezers: Due to the gases they contain, these items must be disposed of safely and adequately.

Medical Waste

  • Syringes and Medicines: These items require specialised disposal to ensure they don’t pose risks to public health.


  • Car and Bike Tyres: You will need to recycle tyres correctly and should avoid throwing them in.
Green skip filled with wood waste

Best Practices for Skip Usage

  • Maximise Space: Try to break down items where possible to make the most of the skip’s capacity. Flattening boxes, dismantling furniture, and cutting down garden waste can be quite helpful.
  • Prohibited Items: Always ensure that you do not place prohibited items in the skip. This helps in avoiding potential fines or additional charges.
  • Recycling: Prioritise separating recyclable materials from non-recyclables. This simple practice can significantly impact waste management effectiveness.
  • Load Evenly: When filling a skip, ensure that you distribute the load evenly. This will make the transportation of the skip safer and more efficient.

Choosing the Right Skip Size at Pronto Skip

At Pronto Skips, we offer a versatile range of skip sizes to meet various waste disposal needs. Our selection ensures that you get a skip that matches the volume of waste you intend to dispose of, making your process efficient and cost-effective.

Midi Skips (4-yards)

Ideal for small projects like garden cleanups or minor household decluttering. They are compact, making them suitable for locations with limited space.

Medium & Builders Skips (6 to 8-yards)

These are perfect for slightly larger projects such as small renovations or comprehensive household cleanups. They provide ample space without being overly bulky, ensuring that waste disposal is convenient. Tailored specifically for construction and renovation waste, these skips are robust and spacious, accommodating bulky items like bricks, concrete, and other building materials.

Maxi Skips (12-yards)

Designed for substantial waste volumes as seen in large renovation projects, extensive garden works, or house clear-outs. They accommodate a significant amount of waste, ensuring that you don’t run out of space prematurely.

Each skip size is designed to meet specific needs, ensuring that you don’t overpay for unused space or end up with a skip that’s too small for your project. At Pronto Skip, we guide you in selecting the perfect skip size, ensuring efficiency and satisfaction in your waste disposal process. There may be other sizes available, so get in touch with our team to learn more about what is available in your area.

Skip Hire with Pronto Skip

Navigating the world of waste disposal can seem daunting, but with knowledge and awareness, it becomes a straightforward task. Understanding what can and cannot be disposed of is vital in maintaining a healthy environment and an effective waste management system. 

At Pronto Skip, we are always here to guide you through the process, ensuring that your waste disposal is handled professionally and responsibly. Remember, proper disposal today leads to a cleaner and greener tomorrow!

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