Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got skip hire questions? We have answers! From essential inquiries like “What can go in my skip?” to specific questions about suitable size, our FAQ aims to give accurate and useful guidance. 

General Questions | FAQ

How full can my skip be ?

You may fill your skip to the fill line only as indicated in the image below:

Graphic of skip fill limit

Where can I place the skip ?

You can place your skip on private or public land. Please note that when placing a skip on public land, a skip permit will be required. You can purchase a permit with your order for £84.99 incl vat and our waste carriers will take care of all the paperwork on your behalf.

Which items are prohibited ?

Gas bottles & Cylinders, Batteries, Asbestos, Clinical Waste, Pain tins, Oils, Petrol, Diesel, Aerosols, Mastic tubes, Food, food contaminated packaging, More than 1 roll of carpet, Tyres, Fluorescent tubes, Mattresses, Fridges, and other electrical waste such as microwaves,  TV’s, etc…

How long can I rent a skip for ?

All skips have the convenience of being hired out for up to two weeks. 

What happens if I over fill my skip ?

If you over fill your skip, the driver allocated to collect it will be forced to decline and return another day – which could incur a wasted journey charge. Please ensure that you take extra caution when filling up your skip for collection.

What's the correct way to fill my skip ?

When filling your skip, place heavier and bulkier items at the bottom, this provides a solid foundation for packing other waste into. Additionally, break down large furniture like chairs or tables to ensure you’re making the most of its space-efficiency potential. Save smaller loose rubbish bits until last. 

Image of man thinking about skip hire

Deliveries, Exchanges and Collections | FAQ

How can I avoid delays ?

To reduce the risk of unnecessary delays, we encourage customers to first check that they can safely access their delivery/collection site before placing a booking with us. Please note that if an unsuccessful journey arises due to inaccessibility issues, then a wasted journey charge may apply.

Will my skip be delivered on time ?

We’ll do our best to deliver your skip on the date of your choice. However, as different councils have varying permit instructions for skips, any changes in delivery date will be notified via SMS and/or email.

Will my skip be collected on time ?

Skips will usually be collected on the day requested however please allow up to 5 working days after your desired collection date. We will keep you informed of any changes to collection dates via SMS and/or email provided closer to the date.

Do Pronto Skip offer next day delivery ?

Yes,  however, next-day delivery is subject to availability, provided orders are placed before 10 am on the day prior to delivery.

What should I consider when hiring a skip ?

When hiring a skip, it is important to plan ahead and consider the location carefully. Take into consideration if narrow roads or tight gates could prevent the lorry from accessing your property. Finding ways around these issues can make all the difference in having smooth delivery of your skip!

It’s important to consider the weight of the skip lorry when disposing of waste – each one filled with its maximum load can weigh up to 15 tonnes. This amount of strain could potentially cause problems on driveways or other areas where collection is taking place, so please communicate any special instructions before we arrive!

Can I have a replacment when my skip is full ?

Yes. If you need a replacement, our exchange service will collect your skip once it is full and replace it with an empty one (subject to an additional charge). Contact our customer service team for details.

Do I need to be present when my skip is delivered ?

Yes,  you will need to be present when your skip is delivered. If you or someone you have asked to be present is not available to accept delivery a wasted journey charge will apply.

Do I need to be present when my skip is collected ?

Yes,  you will need to be present when your skip is collected in order to sign off on our Waste Transfer note. If you or someone you have asked to be present is not available a wasted journey charge will apply.

Deliveries, Collections, Wasted Journeys Explained!

Upon attending a site, if we cannot service the site with a delivery, collection or exchange (for example, we cannot gain access) a wasted journey charge will apply.

Skip Permits | FAQ

Do I need a skip permit ?

Only on public land. When placing a skip on public land you are legally required to have a skip permit. You can easily add a skip permit to your order when hiring your skip with us.

If you are placing a skip on private land, no skip permit is required.

How do I get a skip permit ?

You can add a skip permit to your order when paying for your skip. Our waste carriers will take care of all paperwork required by local councils.

How much will my skip permit cost ?

 Skip permits are available for an additional cost of £84.99 including VAT.

How long is my skip permit valid for ?

Permit validities range from one day up to one month. 

Skip Size Guide

Approximate Sizes Only

4 yard skip

Image of 4-yard skip hire

Dimensions: 7ft (2.13m) Long x 5ft (1.52m) Wide x 3ft (0.91m) High
Size: Approximately 45 Black Bin Bags

6 yard skip

Image of 6-yard skip hire

Dimensions: 10ft (2.29m) Long x 5ft (1.52m) Wide x 4ft (1.07m) High
Size: Approximately 65 Black Bin Bags

8 yard skip

Image of 8-yard skip hire

Dimensions: 12ft (3.66m) Long x 6ft (1.83m) Wide x 4.5ft (1.37m) High
Size: Approximately 80 Black Bin Bags

12 yard skip

Image of 12-yard skip hire

Dimensions: 13ft (3.96m) Long x 6ft (1.83m) Wide x 6.5ft (1.98m) High
Size: Approximately 120 Black Bin Bags

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